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2. Row 3. Backward Strategy (Neck & Back)
3. Yawn Away Strategy (Stress)
4. Rub And Release Strategy (Eyes & Face)
5. Press And Move Strategy (Shoulder, Shoulder Blade)
6. Run For Your Life Strategy (Stress)
7. Lift And Relax Strategy (Head Hold)
8. Breathing Away Strategy (Stress)
9. 45 90 And 135 Strategy (Shoulder, Shoulder Blade)
10. 360 Slow Motion Strategy (Neck)

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About the Author

Vincent is the founder and president of, a site dedicated to helping people with stress at their workplace. His experience in the corporate workplace while attending massage school has helped him understand the need to overcome stress caused by the workplace.

He helped launch a corporate massage program for a company in New York, working with the executives, secretaries, VPs, managers, janitors, IT people, salespeople, receptionists, and even the guards to help them release their stress.

His work with corporate massage has opened his eyes to the need to come up with a program to help people struggling with stress in their workplace. He created Your Stress Stops Here as a tool for them to figure out how to turn their stressful environment into a stress-less one.
His YouTube channel StressedOutStressFree has helped many people with their stress, tensions, and pain. His channel has over 3 million views at the time of this publication.

He loves food and travel. He will go the distance to acquire great food and beautiful places. He would drive five hours to Maine from New York just for the lobster and enjoy the beaches there.

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can help you reduce your stress by visiting

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